Welcome to EWU Athletics!  Prior to your participation as a student-athlete at EWU, all new student-athletes are required to complete the following pre-participation information. 

Pre-Physical ExaminationGet Acrobat Reader

Physical Examination Get Acrobat Reader (All physical exams MUST be conducted by a Team Physician at EWU)

Accident Insurance Policy Information Get Acrobat Reader

Personal Health Insurance Information Get Acrobat Reader (MUST submit a copy of the front and back of the card when reporting)

Emergency Contact Authorization Get Acrobat Reader

Authorization to Release Medical Information Get Acrobat Reader

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Get Acrobat Reader

Understanding and Acknowledgement for Reporting Concussions Get Acrobat Reader

Sickle Cell Testing Statement Get Acrobat Reader

NCAA ADHD Medical Exception Get Acrobat Reader (Complete ONLY if applicable)



Pre-Physical UpdateGet Acrobat Reader

Accident Insurance Policy Information Get Acrobat Reader

Personal Health Insurance Information Get Acrobat Reader (Complete ONLY if insurance has changed)

Emergency Contact Authorization Get Acrobat Reader


At the time of a physical examination, if a student-athlete is discovered to have a medical condition that may either limit or disqualify them from competition, the EWU Team Physicians have the authority to disqualify them from participation.  These decisions are not easy but will be done with the best interest of the health and well being of the student-athlete in mind.

The ATS program at EWU utilizes a computer based soft-ware to effectively manage concussion injuries.  ALL new student-athletes are required to take a baseline neurocognitive test that determines their normal neurocognitive function.  This baseline test is required and will be coordinated through the ATS program prior to the beginning of competition.  A student-athlete will only be required to take the test again if they sustain a concussion injury.

The Athletic Department has adopted a policy of utilizing the student-athlete's family insurance company as the primary source of handling medical expenses.  The Athletic Department insurance is a secondary source, excess only, and is responsible if the student-athlete's personal insurance does not cover the athletic injury.  Although the Athletic Department does not require a student-athlete to have primary insurance prior to participation, it is important to strongly encourage any uninsured student-athlete to purchase a reasonable plan available through the university.  Please refer all uninsured student-athletes to the Health, Wellness & Prevention Services in Showalter Hall #122, or have them call 359-4279 to receive more information.

The Athletic Department carries NCAA catastrophic and National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA) excess policies that provide payment after primary insurance for all necessary hospital, medical, or surgical care for injuries received in competition, practices, or travel to or from athletic activities while under the supervision of an authorized member of the EWU Athletic Department, subject to the definitions and limitations set forth in each policy.  The claimant must pay on any deductibles and co-pays and then the athletic policy covers anything not met by the claimant's insurance policy.  Please note: In order for any possible medical expense to be covered, a member of the ATS staff must first evaluate any injury prior to the student-athlete seeking outside treatment or care.  Specifics about the Athletic Department secondary insurance policy are included below.

  • Medical Services - Medical services covered by the policy include those of licensed physicians and surgeons, physician assistants, nurse, clinicians, and other licensed professionals rendering curative, therapeutic or diagnostic services, hospitalization and transportation when required.  Chiropractic care is covered if the supervising certified athletic trainer determines that it is necessary.
  • Dental Care - Dental care is limited to injury to sound natural teeth caused during authorized practice or intercollegiate contest and only if appropriate protective equipment is worn.
  • Time of Coverage - The insurance is limited in coverage of expenses to two years following date of injury.  All arrangements for treatment are to be made before the student-athlete graduates or withdraws from the University.
  • Previous Injuries - The Athletic Department is not responsible for any pre-existing injury or any operation not covered by the Athletic Department insurance.  Pre-existing injuries must be covered by the student-athlete or his/her insurance plan.
  • Out of Sport Injury - The Athletic Department is not responsible for medical services or fees incurred during the time the student-athlete is out of his/her sport season.  "Out of sport" means any time you are not participating in authorized and supervised practice or competition on your designated sport.  Examples might be, but not limited to, intramurals, fraternity or sorority functions, or off-campus activities.  You are advised to have other personal medical insurance since the Athletic Department policy covers only athletically related injuries.
  • Prosthetic Devices - The cost for prosthetic devices necessary for athletic participation resulting from an athletic injury sustained while participating for EWU will be covered by the appropriate insurance plan.  If lost, replacement of these devices is the student athlete's responsibility.
  • Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses or Hearing Aids - The Athletic Department and its insurance company are not responsible for providing or repairing eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids that may be lost, broken, or damaged during athletic events.
  • Medications - The cost of medications which are prescribed by a team physician as a part of athletic injury care must be covered by personal insurance first and may be covered by this insurance or the Athletic Department.  No prescribed medications for illness are covered.  Whenever possible, the student-athlete should fill approved prescriptions at the Cheney Owl Pharmacy or the Cheney Safeway Pharmacy on an open purchase order.
  • Reporting Injuries, Loss, or Damage - All injuries and any loss or damage must be reported to the supervising athletic trainer on duty during the contest/practice or within 24 hours.  Otherwise expenses incurred will be the student-athlete's responsibility.

All student-athletes who are registered for six credits or more each quarter (except summer quarter) are automatically assessed for health services at the time of registration.  The main student health facility is the Rockwood Clinic - Cheney which is located on 19 N. 7th just two blocks from campus. 

  • All full time students are required to pay for student health services each quarter.
  • This gives them basic coverage at all Rockwood Clinics in the Cheney/Spokane area.
  • Student athletes are encouraged to be seen at Student Health Clinic at the Rockwood Clinic - Cheney.

It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to report all injuries/ illnesses to a staff athletic trainer in a timely fashion.  NO student-athlete should seek treatment or self referral to a doctor without first informing and/or consulting with a member of the athletic training services staff.  The only exception would be in an emergency situation.  An emergency situation is considered any life-threatening injury or illness.  It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to inform a staff athletic trainer of any emergency situation that occurs after normal operation hours within a 24 hour period. 

Student-athletes whom have either completed their eligibility or are quitting and/or transferring must undergo a Post-Physical Examination.  This exam is conducted to provide treatment and referral recommendations on any lingering injuries or illnesses.  Injured or ill student-athletes will receive medical coverage for up to one year from the date of the exam for any sport related unsolved injuries or illnesses.


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