Fund Drive Starts With Kickoff Reception Wednesday

April 1, 2008

Eastern Washington University fans and friends are invited to the Eagle Athletic Association Scholarship Fund Drive Kickoff Reception on Wednesday (April 2) at the Red Lion Inn at the Park Skyline Ballroom. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. and includes video presentations, special guests, food and beverages.

The fund drive raises scholarship funds for EWU student-athletes and will continue through May 14. This year's fund drive chairman is EAA vice president Sam Anderson.

Fund drive volunteers renew the pledges of current Eagle Athletic Association members and solicit new donors. In the spirit of fun and cooperation, volunteers compete for individual and team prizes. The 2008 EAA Fund Drive will feature nine membership levels by which individuals and businesses acquire a variety of Eagle Athletic Association benefits, including tickets to Eastern athletic events.

 The Red Lion Inn at the Park is located at West 303 North River Drive in Spokane, Wash (99201). Questions may be directed to 509.359.6208 or via email at A fund drive brochure is available at http://WWW.GOEAGS.COM.

Thorne Tibbitts `61
Bob Clark `65
Bill Dick `62
Ron Gooley '68
Jay Kirkpatrick `98
Mike Macaulay `63
Pat Whitehill `51
Davin Perry `07
Robert Marcuson `71

Todd & Shawn Claypool '87
Laura Biviano
Tony Carpine `50
Frank & Noreen Groh
Kory Kelly `98
Ray Liberg `57
Doug Matson `80
Tim & Laurel Warner `92
Curly Rousseau '71 & `74
Benji Estrellado '87
Tim Szymanowski

Scott Rahn `89
TJ Brill `98
Scott Carpenter `81
Bill Hartman `83
Armin Vogt `89
Vic Wallace `82
Gregg Smith `05
Bob Lincoln
Rob Lemelin '94
Drew Rieder

Brendan Genther `00
Ken Garmann `67
Ron Howe `70
Pam Parks `74
John Pederson `81
Chris Woods
Russ Pounds
Kyle Hoob `04
Billie Jean Hall `75
Chris Vogel `91
Augie Hernandez
Mike Van Matre `76

Kent Nelson
Sam Anderson
Jeff Budke `89
Heather `00 and Bill `98 Burford
Tom Hormel
Don Jamison `69
Mike Mumford `81
Keith Schmidt `94
Carolyn Wika `80
Fritz C Brayton
Jason Graham

Jim Buzzard `98
Mel Bradley `86
Brandie Overbay
Tarah Pond `00
Larry Tripp `88
Donald Freeman `72
David and Claudia Alfred
Trevor Westlund `92


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