Kyla's Blog - Number 20

March 3, 2008

Well, well, well ... I am back in more than one way. I have been out of the blog scene for awhile and I am starting to get back in the flow. However that isn't the only place where I am trying to get my game back. That's right, I am back in action on the court, and it feels sooo good. In the last blog, I wrote how you can only begin to truly appreciate something when you have gone without it. That could not be more true for me and my recent problematic foot situation. On the court I feel like I have a new sense of focus and motivation. I feel like I just want to be out there all the time, running around and going crazy. Unfortunately, sitting out for seven weeks tends to take a toll on one's conditioning status. The positive is that I did do some alternative conditioning while I was out, but I have still found that nothing can replace being out on the court playing. So I am back to the huffing and the puffing that I went through at the beginning of the season. It is just different this time though. I just get through it, because this time I have no doubt that I can.

Life in the classroom is cake. I am going to make a prediction that this is the easiest quarter I will ever have in my college career. My teachers rock though. Hmmm, maybe that is because they are easy. Who knows? Like for example, today I learned how to correctly put a condom on and all about chivalry in the middle ages. Safe sex and honorability: it may be easy, but at least I am learning some solid life lessons.

We have less than a week left of the season. In all honesty, I cannot believe it. There were times during the year that I thought we would never reach this point. Some of those times were because I thought I was going to physically keel over and die, while other times I just didn't know if it would end because the end always seemed so far away. Either way, I have almost made it. It seems so weird. In five days, 25 percent of my college basketball playing career will be over, but ... 75 percent is still left. Ballin!!

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