Kyla's Blog - Week 8

October 29, 2007

A is for ambidextrous, because I am realizing that it would be much easier to be a guard if I were.

B is for Baldy's, the place I eat nearly every meal. (Teriyaki chicken and rice is money)

C is for conditioning. Somehow I have managed to not keel over and die.....yet.

D is for dorms; small but social!!

E is for eagle, our mascot AND national bird!

F is for faith, because I have found that you just have to have that in yourself.

G is for grace; a quality that I frequently possess on the basketball court ... not.

H is for homework. Let me tell you it cramps the social scene big time.

I is for independence. WOO-HOO!

J is for jammin'. Crank Dat Kyla has never looked better.

K is for killin', a new vocabulary word of mine. Contrary to one's obvious notion it actually means you did well.

L is for legs, because after the end of almost every day, I officially can't move mine.

M is for muscle, that which we are trying to build every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the weight room.

N is for new. Because, well everything is new!

O is for out of my comfort zone, which is basically where I am 24/7.

P is for Pearce Hall. Representin' the best of the twin towers!

Q is for quail. Random, I know, but I am a quail activist. They mate for life, so please brake for them!

R is for Rosa's Pizza. Tuesdays they have a special on cheese bread. Be there or be square people.

S is for Serbians - my three new best friends.

T is for teammates. Mine are the coolest ones in the history of cool teammates!!

U is for underwear. Unfortunately, the lack of it is the primary reason why I ever have to do laundry.

V is for victory. Victory=winning. Winning=happy!

W is for weight. The battle versus the freshman 15 is on!

X is for x-tremely x-cited. Incorrectly spelled, but my feelings x-actly about Friday's game!

Y is for Yahtzee; a nightly ritual in the dorms.

Z is for Zoo-Phonics, because I believe that my reading assignments would be very tricky without this fundamental academic tool.

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