Kyla's Blog - Week 9

November 4, 2007

Right now I am listening to the Backstreet Boys on my iTunes (I am a big fan of 90's pop music), wondering how it is that I go from having nothing to write about one week to thinking that I will never be able to fit everything in this week. So here it goes. Okay to start things off, I want to say that I learned a very valuable lesson this week. Sometimes in life when something happens to you and it seems negative, it usually is. No, just kidding. On Wednesday, to put it in simple and nice terms, I was asked to make an early exit from the practice arena. This was because I did not channel the frustration I was feeling into a constructive outlet. Instead I yelled and chucked my water bottle. When this first happened to me, I thought it was the worst thing in history. I couldn't believe that I got kicked out of practice. Coaches always loved me before. What was happening? Luckily, there was a positive twist. If I would not have been given the boot on that Wednesday afternoon I would not have changed my behavior, and I would still be letting my frustration get the best of me.

You see, I have a hard time letting go of mistakes that I make, and I make a lot of them. So if you take the frustration of every mistake made in a three-hour practice and you stack them up like a sandwich, that sandwich becomes very big - so big that you can't eat it. That was like me. I didn't literally have a sandwich, but I'm trying to make a comparison. The too-big-to-handle sandwich is like my frustration. It was so great that I couldn't deal with it, and thus I threw my water bottle. So the coaches taught me a four-step program to channel my frustration. When I make a mistake, I first need to recognize the mistake. Then admit I made the mistake. Third, I must learn from the mistake, and lastly I must forget it. Using this process has allowed me to not have the frustration build up and in turn have happier practices.

So after the practice drama was resolved, I had to focus on our first game. Can I just say that when I burst through that giant blow up tunnel and dashed around the court in warm-ups I felt really cool. I know it's Reese Court, not the Staples Center, and it was only an exhibition game, but I didn't care. I was living a dream and it was chill producing. In the end the game kind of sucked because we lost and didn't play to our full potential, but it was still just so amazing. Not the loss of course, but the fact that I just played my first college basketball game. I have been dreaming about playing college basketball since like the third grade, and I realized that dream Friday night. It was honestly amazing.

So then Sunday rolled around and it was my birthday! I am officially nineteen, which really is an insignificant age if you are in America but oh well. I went to practice and then just ate dinner with my teammates and friends and hung out. It was a good day. I got this nifty hook up for my iPod that goes in your shoe for when you are running. I don't really like running that much (see blogs three and four for details), but I definitely will be going on some brisk jogs in the coming months so I can utilize my new gadget.

So pretty much it was an insane week. So much happened - I feel like I got older (I actually did), got smarter and began accomplishing a lifelong dream. Pretty good week, I'd say.

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