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Photo and Video Recap from the 2010 Awards

Download and view Photos from the Event HERE

Opening Highlights

Host Intro Video

Host Mononlogue

Swoop Intro

Female Newcomer of the Year

I Practice

Male Newcomer of the Year

The Practice Part 1

Best Record Breaking Performance

Audience Q&A

Best Play

Noop Hoops Championships

Football Linemen Dance

SAAC Triple Threat Citizen


Best Game

The Practice Part 2

Scholar Athletes of the Year

Musical Chairs

EWU Cribs

It's Raining Men Dance

Best Female Athlete


Best Male Athlete

The Practice Part 3

Red Turf Trailer

A Whole New Field

Coach of the Year

Party in the U.S.A.

Best Team

Finale Drum Line & Credits

1st Annual EeeWoos!

PHOTOS from 2009.

VIDEO highlights from 2009.


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